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Beaded Circle Clip Earrings - Capetown
As low as $49.00
Acapulco Earrings
As low as $49.00
18K Gold Sputnik Earrings
Beaded Glass Clip Tassel Earrings - Johannesburg
As low as $49.00
Wrapped Marble Sphere Earrings
As low as $49.00
"Seaside Shell" Earrings
As low as $49.00
The Precious Calder Necklace
The Turquoise and Gold Round Long Beaded Necklace
"The Masquerade" Long Necklace
As low as $29.00
"The Athena" Long Beaded Necklace
As low as $69.00
"The Trio" Necklace
As low as $29.99
"The Triplet" Bracelet
As low as $16.99
"Prime Rib" Stack Bracelet
As low as $19.99
"Twinkle Charm" Bracelet
As low as $12.99
"Stone Charmer" Gemstone Charm Bangle Bracelet
As low as $19.99
"The Tinker" Beaded Charm Choker Necklace
"Stud Muffin" Enameled Brass Bangle Bracelet
As low as $26.99
"The Linky Link" Bracelet
As low as $14.99
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