A couple of weeks ago, one of my darling friends Elizabeth Ackerman, called to let me know about a volunteer trip being taken by a group of students from my hometown to an orphanage in Tanzania. 

We had the privilege of dressing the JBFC girls, the JBFC graduates heading to college, and their matrons.  Our clothes were transported by our local high school, who sends a group of volunteers ever year.

The Reef

The images sent from JBFC - with girls opening our gifts and then wearing our clothes really touched us and we cried such happy tears... Talk about feeling happy!



The story of the orphanage is so amazing in very many ways.  During 2010, Chris Gates, while a student at NYU, started it.  He named it after his activist grandmother who introduced him to Africa.  Initially, it was a very small group of girls on a small piece of land.

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Today, it is a 65-acre campus on the shores of Lake Victoria, providing a home to 54 abandoned / abused girls.  It includes two dormitories, a top-ranked co-ed vocational school attended by 300 local children, a community medical clinic and a farm employing 60 locals. 

The Reef

Stand together with these girls..... 

Donate to provide: Farm-fresh meals for hungry kids, textbooks for students, medicine for the health clinic, supplies for the permaculture farm and college tuition.  

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