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Top Knotch Headband
As low as $59.00
Buckingham Palace Jack Union Umbrella
iPhone Jewelry Chain
As low as $50.00
Transparent Shockproof Silicone iPhone Case
As low as $25.00
Infinity Scarf - Snootie Snood
As low as $59.00
3" Silk Ribbon - 2 Yards
As low as $39.00
Beaded Clutch - Indian Summer
As low as $109.00
Baroque Pareo - East India
As low as $49.00
"The Cleo" Necklace
As low as $39.00
Ladies Cultured Pearl Necklace with Diamond Clasp
South Sea Pearl Necklace
White Pearl Necklace
Antique 19th Century Coral Tassel Necklace Pendant
Trianon Wood Seashell Earrings
Antique 22K Gold, Ruby, Un- cut Diamond Taviz
South Sea Pearl Necklace w/ 14k Clasp
Trianon 14k Gold Diamond Pearl Shell Brooch
Pair of Ilias Lalaounis 18k Yellow Gold Twisted Rope
She Sells Sea Shells Belt
As low as $129.00
14k Gold 5-Figa Hand Amulet Charm Bracelet
14k Gold Mossalone Wide Ribbon Link Bracelet
Chunky 14K Gold Gemstone Link Charm Bracelet
18k Yellow Gold Link Bracelet
Antique Gold Fob Seal Charm Bracelet
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